Tips You Should Take to Avoid an Unlicensed Locksmith

When you hire a locksmith, you are basically allowing that person entry into your home, office, or automobile.  As you can probably imagine, this make you vulnerable to the possibility of an untrustworthy person having access to your personal property.  Unfortunately, there is no fail-safe way to ensure a locksmith you hire for the first time is someone you can trust.  However, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk.  Here are some tips you should take to avoid an unlicensed locksmith:

Ask for references from reliable sources.  One of the best ways to find qualified and licensed locksmiths is to ask local professionals who regularly use a locksmith’s services.  You can bet that if a reputable business contracts with a particular locksmith, that locksmith is appropriately licensed and insured.  Ask local building contractors, security system installation companies, and construction companies who they recommend.

Inquire with your local business regulatory agency about licensing.  Each state has its own licensing requirements for locksmiths.  Therefore, it is a good idea to inquire about the local licensing requirements so that you know what you are looking for when you screen potential locksmiths for your job.

Verify the business address.  Before you hire a locksmith, ask for the company’s business address.  Then go online and use a phone number and address matching service to determine that the address given to you is, indeed, legitimate.  If the business address cannot be found and/or doesn’t match up with the business telephone number, then you should move on to a different locksmith just to be on the safe side.

Trade associations.  Inquire with trade associations like the Associated Locksmiths of America to get a list of verified, reputable, and appropriately licensed locksmiths in your area.  Locksmiths must go through a stringent qualifying process to obtain membership into a trade association, so this is a great route to take when looking for a licensed professional.

Obtain proof of licensing.  The easiest way to find out about a locksmith’s licensing is to simply ask for it.  Don’t be afraid that you are insulting the locksmith by insisting on seeing proof.  Any reputable locksmith will readily present a certificate of license, sometimes even before you ask for it.

A locksmith is responsible for some very important tasks – some in which your own safety is at stake.  Not all locksmiths are created equal.  You need a locksmith you can trust to be professional, reliable, and competent.  Boston Square Lock & Key is that company.  Reach us by phone, at 616-243-5731, or email: